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Between 6 - 8 hours, depending on where the pick-up / drop off location is. We get to the first winery at noon and leave the last winery at 5.


How long will we be at each winery?

1.25 to 1.5 hour.


Is there an age requirement?

21 to drink, any age can tag along.


Do you go to other wineries not listed in the tour descriptions?

We can go to any winery or brewery in North Georgia!


What kind of gratuity should I give my driver?

If you received great service and enjoyed your time with North Georgia Wine Tours, we ask that you tip your driver 15-20%.


How do we book our tour?

Fill out the form HERE to get a quote for you group and details on booking


Do you offer public or private tours? 

We offer private tours only and do not mix groups


Can we bring a cooler?

Yes! Only coolers with ice packs will be allowed on the van. No regular ice is allowed. If you have a large group, there will be limited space on the van for coolers. Please note that wineries do not allow outside drinks to be brought in.


Can we bring food? 

Some snacks are allowed on the van. We just do not want any messy foods. If you have a question about a specific snack you would like to bring, feel free to ask us. If you have a large group, there will be limited space on the van for snacks. Please note that only a few wineries allow outside food to be brought in.


What is your payment policy? 

If your wine tour is within 60 days of when you book, payment in full is required. If you book outside the 60 day window, a $275/per vehicle deposit is required, and remaining balance will be due 60 days from your wine tour.


What is your cancellation policy? 

Cancellations outside of 60 days receive 100% refund. Cancellation insurance may be purchased for an additional $150/per wine tour that allows you to cancel at any time until 24 hours from designated pick-up time. With Cancellation Insurance, the Client will receive a full refund, minus the $150 cancellation insurance fee.In the event of a cancellation due to mechanical problems, the trip may be rescheduled at no cost for another date. Clients will be notified ASAP of unexpected problems that may postpone trip times. Please provide written notice to


Do you pick up outsiDE the immediate area? 

Yes, for an additional fee! We offer pick-up within a 100-mile radius. Email us your location for a quote. Free pick-up/drop-off in White and Lumpkin County.


How many people can be in the tour group?

We can accommodate up to 14 people on a tour. If multiple vans are available, we can support groups of up to 28.


Are the lunches and tastings included in your price?

No, our fee covers transportation and coordination only. Food and wine are purchased separately at each winery. Unlike other companies that bundle tastings at higher prices for profit, we keep our costs transparent.


Can we drink alcohol in the vans? 

No. Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted, while alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the vans. Open container tickets are given to the individual, not the company or driver of the van, as stated in O.C.G.A. §40-6-253. We ask that you obey all laws.



Dahlonega Wine Tour

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